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Tips for a first-class engagement shoot

What exactly is an engagement session? In my mind it is an informal meet & greet with your photographer with some great photos thrown in! See it as an opportunity for you to build a relationship with your photographer before your wedding day. It is a chance to talk & get to know one another whilst going through any questions you may have before the wedding day itself.

Pre-photo shoots definitely aren't for everyone and that is perfectly fine! For those of you who are toying with the idea then there are a few points below that might be worth reading...


Pre wedding day shoots are very different to the wedding day itself. In my case I believe that the shoots are slightly more posed because of the direction that I often give. You're not going to have a plethora of guests jeering you on or prosecco & adrenaline running through your veins during this shoot so it is my job to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and part of that may be me offering a few pose suggestions etc.

At the end of the shoot you come away with a range of photographs that you can enjoy looking back on. Your wedding photos are going to be so special but I think it is equally as nice to have some less formal photographs, perhaps in a different location to the wedding that you can enjoy too.

Getting to know your photographer & feeling comfortable

I always stress to my clients that the engagement shoot will not be the same as the wedding day itself! On the wedding day almost everyone will want a piece of you (which is great!) and, if you're like me then you go for the candid shots that the guests and wedding party aren't aware of, but because of the presence of other people it is much easier to catch you being yourself and feeling less pressure from the camera! A big contrast to the engagement shoot where it will likely just be the two of you and might need to be slightly posed. It should be seen as a chance for the two of you to have some nice photos alone and to be able to get used to not only having your photograph taken by your photographer but also having your photograph taken with one another.

I want your comfort level around me to be 100% on the day of your wedding. For you to know know that i'm there to document your wedding process and not there as a distraction. Us photographers all have our different styles and processes when it come to photographing people & events so by familiarising yourselves with our working dynamic (and us getting to know and understand your dynamics as a couple) it sets us all up to feel more comfortable on the day.

Tips for your engagement session


Comfort is key! Wear something that you feel GREAT in. This will reduce any feelings of self consciousness and make you feel better in front of the camera.

It is also important to be yourself with your clothing! Make it an expression of not only your love for each other but also your individual personalities. Bold colours, pastels, whites and loose flowing fabric all photograph particularly well and also work with our photographic style.

Another idea is to bring a change of clothing! If we're in a dynamic space then it can be just as good to mix up the outfit along with the location backdrop.

If you need any advice on what to wear then message me and I can advise on a good clothing fit for your engagement shoot environment.


A cityscape, a beach backdrop or a the beautiful Cornish countryside...pick something personal to you! Maybe you have a favourite cafe or walk, the spot where you got engaged, a favourite beach etc. Or why not try somewhere you've been wanting to visit for a while. Cornwall has a good mix of natural and man made so we're spoilt for choice in terms of location!


50% of my engagement sessions involve animals. They're a great ice breaker if you're feeling particularly nervous! Just be aware that there may be restrictions on where we can go with an animal in tow.


Easier said than done, of course. Try not to stress or overthink about the outcome of the shoot. I photograph couples very regularly and know how to make you feel comfortable and exactly what to focus on during the shoot! Put your trust in me and enjoy your time with each other. The less serious you are the better the photographs are likely to be!


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